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"Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." - Michelangelo



Class Descriptions



Ishta Yoga

This class focuses on the alignment of the body, building of core heat, deep concentration and an acute observation of the body through breathing practices.

Iyengar Yoga

Concentration on correct body alignment and the clarity and detail of classic yoga form and movement accentuating calm focus, breath and thought.  Props 
are used with this technique.

Yoga and Meditation Fusion

We are very excited to offer this innovative technique, a practice of healing the HEART; the center from where love, compassion, and forgiveness emanates. When this energy center opens, self healing occurs deeply and rapidly!  Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe creating the opening, the entry way to discover a deep yet gentle connection to yourself through poses (Asana), breath (Pranayama), sound (Mantra) and meditation. Students of All levels will feel comfortable learning under the compassionate instruction of Stacey Lynn. "There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled...there is a void in your Soul ready to be filled, you feel it, don't you??" ~~Rumi 

Harmony of the Spheres Yoga - with live music 

Calliope is thrilled to be offering Harmony of the Spheres Yoga with Irene Failenbogen, an exciting new gentle Hatha Yoga class using traditional and restorative asanas practiced with a slow flow, mindful approach and with the compliment of music!!  The class focuses on mind/body/spirit balance developing core strength, flexibility, correct breathing techniques, proper alignment, relaxation, and meditation with the unique addition of music for select classes, when Irene (also a professional musician/singer) brings along her guitar.  Recommended for all levels.

Tai Chi
Tai Chi Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qi Gong) are great healing treasures of Ancient China's internal arts. Tai Chi Chi Chu'an has roots in Chinese martial arts, yet is best known in the U.S. for beautiful flowing forms that quiet the mind, strengthen the body, increase balance and flexibility, and train one to move energy to
achieve glowing health. Qi Gong/Chi Kung is a powerful system of healing movement and preventive medicine that uses deep breathing and gentle moving meditation to cleanse, balance and circulate vital energy (qi or chi).

 FITNESS CLASSES  Strength Training
Sculpt Absolute - 'Body Building'

Major muscle groups are targeted for strength, definition, bone density using the techniques of progressive resistance weight training.  Pilate's abdominal work consists of a 25-30 minute varied program designed to strengthen the back as well as tone the ABS.  Weights, balls, bands, rings and other props are used for training and stretching.  Challenging class, but exercise is adapted to fit limitations and the individul's ability.  Great atmosphere, great fun, great results! 

Strength Training

Comprehensive fusion fitness class with Pilate's working with Swiss Balls, weights, and a variety of balls and rings to increase strength, tone and definition, bone density and flexibility.  Pilate's Core work stresses principles that adhere to correct spinal alignment.  The class is geared to all levels from beginner to advance, and will challenge individuals according to specific needs.

No "Butts" About It

Challenging body blast concentrating on abs and glutes, yet targeting all of the major muscle groups.  The class focuses on endurance, strength, definition and increasing bone density using progressive weight training, balls, bands and includes 25-30 minutes of Pilate's Abdominal work. Individual attention and amended exercises for the back and other problem areas.
Circuit Workout
Circuit Training workout alternating low impact cardio with progressive weight training, maintaining moderate-elevated heart rate and targeting muscle strength and definition with 20-25 minutes of Pilate's Core work.

Barre Workout
Augere Barre Workout taught exclusively on Long Island at Calliope combined with Pilate's core work. The Barre Workout is an original technique based on  Ballet Barre and Floor work, Yoga and Pilate's techniques, and the principles of Progressive Resistance, which differentiates this Barre Workout from others, working the muscles in a chain of movement concentrating on the legs, glutes, upper body and culminating in deep center/core work.  Pilate's mat work emphasizes increased core strength, stability, posture and alignment.

The Floor Barre - Rhonda Carol Technique

Exclusively at Calliope on Long Island, The Floor Barre Technique was created by Rhonda Carol and advisor Jeanne P. Kogut  based on the Ballet Bar exercises for professional dancers with exercises performed on the floor.  The technique was created for the lay person, dance students and dancers to condition the body; strengthen the core, posture, stability, alignment.

The Ballet Barre - with Jeanne Kogut
An exciting Calliope Exclusive - The Ballet Barre is a Dancer's Ballet Barre for the lay person.  Given at the
Barre, students are guided through the paces of an actual Ballet Barre both to gain the experience and benefits of a true Ballet conditioning routine the benefits of exercise.  This technique is different from a Barre Workout.  No experience necessary.

Pilate's Mat Fusion

Pilate's mat and stretch class emphasizing deep core work, spinal alignment, relaxation and release.  This class will concentrate on core stability and strength while targeting major muscle groups, stretching, renewal, breath work, fusion exercises with light weights, and movement techniques that release and 
strengthen the back.  

Pilate's Alignment: Back, Core, Osteo. Class

A gentle, rehabilitative approach to Pilate's emphasizing spinal alignment and movement techniques for core stability and the correct use of the abdominal muscles to strengthen and release the back and reduce stress.  The class focuses on movements to increase flexibility, strength, mind-body awareness and utilizes deep relaxation and meditative breathing in addition to weight bearing exercises and resistance work to increase bone density.  

Beginner Boot Camp Workshops (by appointment)

Boot Camp challenge with weights, cardio, muscle toning for all levels; geared towards the beginner/intermediate Boot Camp student and with attention to safety and limitations.  Prescribed level of exercise for maximum fat burning and eating program created by Clinical Dietitian/Holistic Nutritionist structured with protein/carb./fat ratio.

Gentle Fitness Workout 

Comprehensive gentle fitness class designed to accommodate the needs of  beginning students, students working with physical restrictions, and those working to increase strength and flexibility after an injury.  Includes gentle Pilate's exercises, light weights, stretching, and gentle aerobic movement in a chair and standing.


  Dance Artists and various guests have included:
Calliope Artist-in Residence Elisheva of 'Bellyqueen'
Jeanne P. Kogut
Ranya Renee
Samantha Witt of 'Cirque Le Masque'


Beginner Belly Dance
Concentrate on Basic Belly Dance Technique with Elisheva.  This class is an ongoing weekly workshop; for beginners in preparation for more advanced classes and for more advanced students who would like to get back to basics and fine-tune their technique.  The class is ongoing and can be repeated at any time.

Adult Contemporary Dance
This class focuses on stretching, conditioning/strengthening and strong alignment through the use of your feet, legs and spine. Foundations in technique and combinations are based in traditional, contemporary styles such as Horton/Limon, fused with other modern elements of contemporary dance.  Join us and see how good movement can feel on your body building strength, stamina and balance.

Belly Dancing Technique with Rayhana
"Less is More" will be the mantra; explore, develop and enhance your dance technique. This class will focus not only on specific execution of technique but also on how to present your own style of drama and sensuality.  Being true to the feminine and spiritual essence.  We will bring these techniques to the dance floor as we work on each individual's personal strength.

Belly Dance & Booty Fitness
An open level dance-fitness class offered exclusively at Calliope with Elisheva focusing on comprehensive Belly Dance core work, special booty blast moves,  and dance-cardio, not to be missed!!

The aim of this class is to provide a form of physical training that is safe, working both sides of the body evenly, alongside the development of artistic and musical appreciation.  Correct alignment and placement of the body is stressed to the best of the individuals facility.  Students will develop a sense of line and co-ordination of movement and an appreciation of artistry with an emphasis on good stance or posture whilst developing body tone and strength.


Teen Wellness

Yoga for Teens

Integrative mind/body class for teens. Fun and highly beneficial for teens experiencing stress from competitive educational demands and social interaction.
The class promotes relaxation, stress release, stretching and posture and alignment for the growing body. Benefits also include increased self-esteem
and an opportunity to meet other teens.

Fitness for Teens

Comprehensive fusion fitness class for teens touching all bases for the growing body including fun cardio and dance moves to increase stamina, stretching, posture and core work and strength and muscle toning with light weights. Various props are used; balls, bands and rings. Relaxation and stress release exercises are incorporated to help teens learn techniques that they can apply to their demanding schedules. Benefits include promoting a healthy lifestyle and body image, increased self-esteem, and an enjoyable way to meet other teens.


 Yoga Trainer Gentle Wellness Workout 

Comprehensive gentle fitness class designed to accommodate the needs of  beginning students, students working with physical restrictions, and those working to increase strength and flexibility after an injury.  Includes gentle Pilates exercises, light weights, stretching, and gentle, fun aerobic movement sequences in a chair and standing.
Healing Dance Movement  (By Appoint.)

Explore the joy and gentle restorative power of movement and dance suitable for everyone from beginner on with dance sequences that are beneficial, fun and rewarding combining breathing and gentle aerobic dance movement, stretching, strengthening, balance and postural alignment.  Members recovering from injury, illness or surgery will benefit from this restorative class and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Pilates Alignment for the Back and Core

A gentle, rehabilitative approach to Pilates emphasizing spinal alignment and movement techniques for core stability and the correct use of the abdominal muscles to strengthen and release the back and reduce stress.  The class focuses on movements to increase flexibility, strength, mind-body awareness and utilizes deep relaxation and meditative breathing.

Strength Training - Healthy Body Fitness  

A comprehensive fitness class focusing on recovery in a fun, welcoming, and inspirational atmosphere. Each class includes resistance training to increase muscle strength and bone density, stretching sequences to improve range of motion, and core work to improve balance, alignment, and posture. Gentle movement sequences culminate in a calming, guided relaxation session to promote mental and spiritual well-being. Fitness props used include light
weights, balls, bands, and rings. 
Acting Classes Acting Workshop (for adults)

Building a personal acting technique based on physical and vocal training, working with classical and modern texts, scene study, acting styles, improvisation, masque master classes, student showcases and workshop productions. Select Calliope Fitness, Yoga and Dance classes will be available to acting students as supplemental physical training classes. Opportunity to become ensemble member and perform in showcases. click: Theatre on the Pier.

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